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 c'est la mort, cat | scout
 Posted: Jul 23 2014, 08:17 PM
lover / when you don't lay with me / i'm a huntress / for a husband lost at sea / if i had you here / braid our hair together / i'd be boy and you'd be girl, beautiful / calling moon and moon / shoot that big, bad hand / it'll track me to your door / and i won't see you no more / when this wild world / is a big bad hand / pushing me on my back / do you understand?
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hold your breath
until you see the light
After a long night of parent-teacher conferences, she was well-spent from the constant yelling parents. She understood why they did such a thing, making up for their student's attitude towards studying and they wanted their child to succeed. It was a difficult situation ─ she had wanted her students to succeed as well but when they didn't pull their weight to come speak to her or go out of their way to study and do their homework assignments, she had a tough choice. The female always had opportunities for students to meet with her before classes or after classes during after-school activities. She hated seeing students struggle with homework, reaching out to them if they do need extra help in certain departments but when it came to motivation, she was on the short end of the stick and could not do much in that sort of subject. Poppy was often a lady of advice, telling little girls that boys didn't know how to react to romantic feelings and thus pulling on pigtails and calling names was their way of coping.

After packing up her belongings in her worn leather book bag, she exited the classroom and turned off the lights ─ making sure the class pet hamster was well fed and taken care of before her departure. Post her short walk to the nearest bus stop by the school, she waited a short while before the navy blue bus that was partly full arrived to take her to West Loop to walk the rest of the way. It was a quiet trip, an elderly lady snoring lightly in the seat next to her with a large bag of cat food and a small grocery bag. The bus had finally arrived at the location she desired, a twenty minute walk to her apartment complex where her mother would be waiting for her arrival. She hoisted her book bag up on her shoulder, leaving her keys in her hand as she slowly made her way down the dimly lit sidewalk though she paused as she spotted somebody resting on a bench with long dirty blond, almost brunette tendrils.

"Hello," She slowly neared the figure, gripping her house keys tighter in her fist as she walked. She had heard horror stories of homeless men robbing people blind or kidnapping them for ransom while asking for money. Though in the bright light of the florescent streetlights, she didn't expect it to happen. "Are you alright?" She asked and leaned in to the male who most likely needed a long shower and looked slightly famished, slightly skinnier than most males of his height though she wasn't sure if it was from the lack of food or all the traveling he's endured. He looked young, about her age and if not, at least a little bit older. "I don't have money but..." She paused, uncertain about whether she should even invite him to her apartment, thinking mainly of her mother in the situation rather than her own safety.

 Posted: Jul 26 2014, 10:58 PM
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so laughing ghost you've come to toast everything that haunts me now you say i'm fallible yeah and i'm so malleable but i'm wearing a new crown and if those stars above they ain't shown love then you're looking through the clouds
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pins and needles no surprise and the moon shines in your hair
While some people's hearts and minds desired roots, Scout's had always desired wings. For some, growth was painful. Change was painful. But he had realized at the age of ten that there was nothing as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong. All of the sudden he didn't fit in anywhere. Not at school, not at home, and every time he turned around, another person he had known felt like a stranger to him. Sometimes he woke up and he felt like a stranger to himself. And because of this, in a way, he had become wary of new people - although he openly welcomed them and tried his hardest to be friendly. He had learned how bears tried to kill and eat, and people sometimes tried to pretend to be your friend first. And because of this, he had become somewhat of a calculative and manipulative human being; only letting people in when he knew that they were worth his time or had something to give him, and allowing anyone who had yet to earn themselves a spot in his tight knit circle to believe that they were still his friend. After all, basic human emotion required attention, love and friendship. And so long as Scout could give people what it was that they wanted, there was no need for them to deceive him - and especially no need for them to do anything against his agenda. For a guy who had barely begun his high school education when he had ran away, he was smart when it counted the most.

Today had been as normal as most days, if normal was a word that could ever be responsibly and smartly used in his normal vocabulary. He spent most of the day on the riverwalk, talking to pretty girls and guys and even inspiring a college student with some of her artwork. He kept on walking after that, and by the time he had sat on a bench not too far from a bus stop, it was dark, although it probably wasn't that late. Scout, even though he liked talking - about himself, among other things - also enjoyed solitude. It was surprising, in his opinion, how quiet and desolate a city such as Chicago could be during the early hours of the night. It was nothing like the bliss of finding a calm within all of the clusterfuck that was New York, but it was still a little slice of heaven that Scout enjoyed thoroughly until the lone sound of the engine of the bus as it struggled down the street right past him interrupted his thoughts.

Not too long after the bus passed by him, a faint and very feminine voice pierced the silence around him, and he slowly looked up, squinting at the face washed in the pale moonlight. One minute she was asking if he was alright, and then the next she was talking about money, causing Scout to chuckle lowly in his chest. "M'fine," he said reassuringly, although he wasn't entirely sure if that was the truth. He had managed to steal five bucks from an unsuspecting uncle taking his nieces out for a walk along the river and bought himself lunch with that money, so he wasn't hungry. In fact, if anything, he could go for some alcohol or any other kind of drug that could take the edge off of whatever funk he had been in when he woke up. Still, the fact that there was a beautiful woman in front of him (and she was willingly talking to him!) brightened his mood tenfold. "No no no, don't worry about your money," he said, blue eyes watching her carefully, urging her to continue with whatever she was going to say. Even though he had just openly and willingly declined her money (even though she had said that she had none), that didn't mean that he wouldn't take whatever followed after that 'but'.

by Dali of Candyland Couture
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