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 lost your muse?
 Posted: May 17 2014, 09:33 PM
life ruiner tbh
drifting apart like two sheets of ice my love frozen hearts growing colder with time there's no heat from our mouths please take me back to my refuse and we are in flames i needed i need you to run through my veins like disease disease and now we are strange strangers
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how to get your muse back

so, it happens to the best of us. we're either unmotivated to write, or we have lost muse that we seemed to have two days ago. trust me, i've run into this problem sooooo many times and it isn't even funny! it can be a little taxing emotionally/mentally/what have you, especially when you're involved with lots of plots, love the site you're on, love the character, etc. i'm clearly no expert, and this is a list that largely contains a bunch of stuff that i've learned from my own experience. i hope some of these things work for you, though!!

it could be something as simple as not being in the right mood, or perhaps you have a writer's block or something along those lines. bottom line is, you need to go back to the last time you had muse or when you lost it, and then identify the reason. then, solve the problem once you find the root of it. if something is bugging you in real life, vent to someone - or get it fixed, if possible. (ps, if you ever need someone to vent to, my aim is meow_caaat and my pm box is always open :~)) remember, real life trumps roleplay always, and sorting out things bothering you in real life can definitely help rejuvenate your muse!

if anyone ever makes you feel guilty or stresses you out because you have no muse and cannot respond to them, please just... set them on fire or something. not really, but you get the idea. stressing and worrying and guilting over something that may as well be out of your control is not going to help the situation. in fact, in my experience, it has only proven to make things absolutely worse - because not only am i unable to post, but now i'm stressed, grumpy, AND a little guilty for not getting replies out on time. just relax. those posts will be back. tell your roleplaying partners if necessary, they should understand. stress is not conducive to productivity! in fact, it can be harmful to your and your health. please, never stress over having no muse.

i know what you're thinking - 'but cat, you just told us not to stress!' and yeah, i know!! don't stress. you can force something without stressing about it. force it when you feel like it. force it in other ways than the replies that you may owe. do extras, make an open thread, icc, do some tech threads - do anything so that your character doesn't become stagnate. sometimes i've overcome being museless by writing a few things in a character's development board, or by forcing out an open thread, an im thread, or a cell thread. often times we may just find ourselves in a rut, and pushing ourselves up and over that rut may be the only option. just try it! and if it stresses you out too much, then don't do it. there's other ways to get your muse back!

this has helped me tremendously, too. get a friend involved if you have to. get multiple friends involved. just GET EXCITED. literally. go all asdfghjkl on your keyboard. get new plots rolling. rant about how much you love this one thread you're in. go back and read old threads for your character, their app, their shipper, ANYTHING - go back to the start and remind yourself WHY you loved that character in the first place. sometimes, we can get lost and we can forget, but it hardly ever takes that much to be reminded why your perfect, cute lil brain birthed that cute, amazing and perfect character. make new graphics for them if you have to, too! honestly just get excited and ahfglka;dfgkadfg;a keyboard smash all over the place. how can you be excited without keyboard smashing?! the answer: YOU CAN'T.

tbh i listen to looooots of music. for starters, here are a few of my favorite 8tracks playlists to listen to when i write (even though i prefer to listen to nothing usually): HERE (yeah laugh at my viking metal all u want u nERDS), HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. you can also listen to rainymood HERE - it gives a nice rainy/thundery background to your writing!

i know this sounds kinda dumb (especially the acting it out part), but it helps! next time you're laying in bed/on the couch, just think about the way you're going to reply to something when you get on the computer. visualize it, perfect it in your brain, and get stoked to type it up! if you're in a slump, you can also act it out - in the shower or in your room or whatever - to decide what kind of body language to use or maybe the different ways your character could react. honestly this sounds dumb but in the few times that i've been desperate enough to do any of these it has helped tenfold! like, honestly. if you have no idea how a character is going to react... just think about it. sit. let it stew like a delicious soup or something. it'll come to you!

i'll probably add more to this later, but that's all for now! if you have any tips, feel free to post them below!!! xo

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