FALL 2014
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june 15th, 2014: ..also, surprise! we have a new skin!!
june 15th, 2014: hey guys! two important things. 1) a warning/announcement about the icc, here!. 2) activity check #2, here! please check both out.
may 29th, 2014: quick announcement about the mini profile change, so please click here to read about that!
may 27th, 2014: hey guys! new skin, and lots of new features/updates/changes! click here to read them all!
the skin was made by cat for show your teeth, along with the graphics, the code for the board description, and the table you are seeing here. thank you subdevo for the peekaboo sidebar, and thank you black for the custom forum structure coeds. the lyrics you see on the category titles are from the song 'spread your love' by the black rebel motorcycle club, and the site title is a slight variation of lyrics from the song 'teeth' by lady gaga. the color palette was found off of colourlovers, and the backgrounds you see used in the mini profile and in the background of the skin are from subtlepatterns. if i've forgotten to credit you, please let me know! x

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 Definitely, maybe
 Posted: Jul 30 2014, 09:31 AM
I can hear your heart On the radio beat They're playing "Chasing Cars" and I thought of us Back to the time, You were lying next to me I looked across and fell in love So I took your hand Back through lamp-lit streets and dew Everything led back to you So can you see the stars...
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So this isn't a go away as much as I might be a little slow or Mia at times for the next weekish. I've just got a lot going on and been super stresses and it's been giving me migraines so I'm gonna try and scale back on staring at a super bright screen more then I need to. But as of next week everything slows down again and I'll be back to my normal activity! This effects: Edan Brennen, Bailey Hanover and Keegan Nolan
 Posted: Aug 1 2014, 10:28 AM
high class call girl
"and i like large parties, they're so intimate. with small parties there isn't any privacy."
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That's okay babes, migraines are no fun.
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