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 marco giordano, neutral. 26. alex pettyfer
 Posted: Jul 26 2014, 01:23 PM
Would you dance If I asked you to dance? Would you run And never look back? Would you cry If you saw me crying? And would you save my soul, tonight?
twenty six years old
1 posts made
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marco rhyss giordano
marco r. giordano
twenty six
June 25th
psychiatric nurse
Chicago, IL
alex pettyfer
the basics

• Born on June 25th
• 5’ 11” tall
• 174 lbs.
• Shoe size - 10
• Psychiatric Nurse • Has a twin brother
• owns his own penthouse
• bisexual bachelor


• When nervous, he licks his lips
• Has a slight british accent from going to British boarding school
• Used to be a punk rock fanatic
• Can play 3 instruments as well as sing
• Cannot dance to save his life
• Cannot handle spice
• Was going to go on xfactor, but went into the airforce instead
• Used to play soccer competitively


• Male and female sexual anatomy
• reading
• cooking
• getting to know people
• thai food


• indian food
• spoiled brats
• people trying to be edgy
• uptight people
• people getting hurt

personality traits

[✓] Confident
[✓] Loving
[✓] Affectionate
[✓] Funny

[✘] Oblivious
[✘] Sensitive
[✘] Over-Confident
[✘] Attention Seeking

• Anthony Giordano - Father – Ex-Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys turned ESPN Commentator [/i]
• Sabrina Giordano-Abate - Mother – Fashion Designer
• Anthony Giordano – Father – Former dallas cowboy
• David Giordano – Brother – Navy Seal
• Anthony Giordano Jr. – Brother – Marine
• Effie Giordano – Sister – Dancer


Sabrina and Anthony Giordano were in love at one point in their life or another. They had met at a game after party and of course became smitten with one another as young twenty-somethings often do. Fast forward a few years and they were married in the event of the Dallas season, then fast forward a few more years and they were in Chicago with one son, with two more on the way at one time.

Marco and David were born barely two minutes apart, Marco being the first one out. They were taken care of in a way that was slightly different than their bigger brother Anthony Jr. Sabrina found that she was unable to take care of three kids in diapers (understandably.) So, that was when the Giordano family got their first nanny. Sabrina was granted a break to regrow her personal life and friends circle, while Anthony Sr. kept working to keep the family in good graces financially. Things fell into place, and normalcy was pretty constant for the first few years that everyone was around. The kids went to private elementary schools, did after school activities, and Marco discovered his love for music and composition.

Fast forward a bit more and Effie was born, the final child. Marco took to her instantly, snuggling her at any opportunity, kissing her and playing with her. He was smitten like any big brother would be. This protective nature continued until Marco and David were shipped off to a boarding school in Britain, their mother’s alma mater, to get a good rounded European education. Marco’s years there were full of parties, punk music, girls (and the occasional boy.)

College time came around and Marco decided to follow the steps of his brother and go into the military ROTC. Unlike his older brother he enlisted into the air force ROTC program at Columbia University in New York, staying close to his sister who was there studying dance full time. Again he excelled in his college years, graduating with a degree in nursing and then directly going into his 3 years of service for the air force. He became a combat rescue officer, which he did complete and live through despite the high risks and high stress missions he was in control of.

So this brings us to the present. After his service was done Marco moved back to NYC, only to get concerned when his little sister Effie was showing depressive symptoms and signs. As soon as he could he got a job working as a psychiatric nurse in Chicago, and he flew down to move immediately.

latest online media

@marcogiordano: Chicago, you’ve been blessed with me

@marcogiordano: moving tonight wish me luck! #bigbrothertotherescue

@marcogiordano: if i could go one day without a patient getting body fluids on me somehow that would be really nice

@marcogiordano: fly fight win #airforce #myboys

@marcogiordano: insert thoughtful post here

@marcogiordano: how is twitter a thing

rosie . EST
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