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 THANATOS KOSTA, 668 grimshaw place
 Posted: Mar 21 2015, 10:08 PM
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the grimshaw funeral home was built in the year 1888 - to english immigrants edward and susan grimshaw. it was built to encompass the funeral needs of a growing community and remained in operation until 1933. the basement is still fitted with the fixtures of a once thriving business - a gurney stationed as the centerpiece with tables for drainage and embalming tools. the rest of the house is predominantly fitted with fixtures accustom to late victorian culture (it remained in the possession of edward and susan's only surviving child elizabeth until her passing in 2012) and as a result carries an era-specific atmosphere. though now the entirety of the house is living quarters; previously, certain spaces would have been utilized for funerals and other undertakings. the house is rumored to have a labyrinth of passage ways built within its walls designed by edward grimshaw himself. .. but it is unknown to the public whether or not these spaces exist or are accessible.

main entrance / foyer

sitting room


dining room


master bedroom

first guest room

second guest room

basement / initial mortuary

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