FALL 2014
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june 15th, 2014: ..also, surprise! we have a new skin!!
june 15th, 2014: hey guys! two important things. 1) a warning/announcement about the icc, here!. 2) activity check #2, here! please check both out.
may 29th, 2014: quick announcement about the mini profile change, so please click here to read about that!
may 27th, 2014: hey guys! new skin, and lots of new features/updates/changes! click here to read them all!
the skin was made by cat for show your teeth, along with the graphics, the code for the board description, and the table you are seeing here. thank you subdevo for the peekaboo sidebar, and thank you black for the custom forum structure coeds. the lyrics you see on the category titles are from the song 'spread your love' by the black rebel motorcycle club, and the site title is a slight variation of lyrics from the song 'teeth' by lady gaga. the color palette was found off of colourlovers, and the backgrounds you see used in the mini profile and in the background of the skin are from subtlepatterns. if i've forgotten to credit you, please let me know! x

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 Posted: Feb 16 2014, 01:23 AM
life ruiner tbh
drifting apart like two sheets of ice my love frozen hearts growing colder with time there's no heat from our mouths please take me back to my refuse and we are in flames i needed i need you to run through my veins like disease disease and now we are strange strangers
old years old
135 posts made
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On Show Your Teeth, we would like to deliver a fun, safe, and continually evolving and improving place where you can come to kick up your feet and relax, as well as – hopefully – come up with some really kickass plots and characters. Personally, the admins and moderators here are very protective over members and their wellbeing, and therefore will do anything in their power to ensure that they always feel safe and comfortable in this online environment!

We know rules can kind of be same old same old, but we’d really appreciate it if you took the time to read these anyways! If you ever have any questions, you can feel free to contact any one of the admins or peace keepers with your questions, we’ll be happy to help!

ACTIVITY: Because we want SYT to be a relaxing community where you don’t feel any sort of pressure, we are somewhat lenient on activity. We know that real life always comes first, which is why we will try to be as understanding as possible as far as activity goes. However, if you do not log into your account for more than ten days, we are obligated to open up the face claim unless you have posted an away message or told one of the admins or moderators personally that you are going to be away. We would love it if you were able to log into your accounts once a day, and in order to keep the board active, we’d appreciate it if you could post at least one to three times a week, but again, we will not be moderating that. If you can’t log in every day, please log in enough to let us know that you’re still active! If you go too long without posting, we will contact you pertaining to your activity and how we will move forward with it.

APPLICATIONS: You may leave an app as a work in progress for five days before we archive it. We have two app styles you can chose from, and while they’re both freestyle, we would really like for you to be able to give us enough background information – or information in general – about your character to be able to get a feel for them. Remember, if you don’t have a feel for your character, then most likely other people won’t, either!! If you’re having any problems with your app or anything regarding your application, again, feel free to talk to the people in the cbox, they would love to help!

BULLYING: This point is more about attitude than anything else, but yeah. We will not tolerate any bullying, exclusion, or anything else that is filled with ill-intent on SYT. We are a friendly and safe community for all, and therefore we will not tolerate any members making any other members or staff members feel bad for any reason whatsoever. Please, do not ever feel like you can’t tell one of the admins or mods about what’s going on – you always can, I promise! We will sort out any issues you have as best we can, and if you would like to sort out the issue yourself, please do it through private means and not in the cbox (which pertains to the rule below). Also, please read the ‘three strikes system’ rule below as well!

CBOX: On the cbox, we would appreciate it if you did not spoil anything (television shows, movies, etc.) because that’s just cruel and lame. We also ask that you do not bully or exclude any of the members on the site. You may put links to want ads and shippers in the cbox, but any links to any outside sites are not permitted. Don’t ever be afraid to talk to us in the cbox, we don’t bite!

CHARACTERS: Eventually, we would like to achieve having all sorts of characters from all walks of life on SYT. Because of this, there aren’t really that many limitations as far as what you can do with your characters. However, there are still some – and they’re very important! For instance, we do not allow characters under the age of eighteen. Since that’s the legal age/point of adulthood, as far as the law goes in America, we’re going with that age. We would also like to note that, your first three characters are free, but the fourth, fifth, and so on, will only be accepted after you reach twenty posts on all of your other characters!

FACE CLAIMS: Because of the jcink terms of service, we ask that you please do not use face claims under the age of thirteen, for sure. But because most characters are going to be 18+ and all of them are going to be 18 as a minimum, then we ask that you only use faces that are eighteen years or older. Thanks! Other than that, you may use any face claim that is a model, a musician, an actor, or a youtuber!

GRAPHICS: Avatars should be 250x400, and gifs should be 130x230, or somewhere around that size – you can look at the other gifs that people have to kind of estimate what your gif size should be. Please, don’t use any inappropriate images for your graphics. While we’re not a very prudish group of folks and honestly, dicks and boobs don’t really both us (as they shouldn’t because basic human anatomy, right?), there may be some people that are sensitive to such matter, who get on the site at work, or who otherwise just can’t have that kind of stuff on their computer screen – therefore, we ask that you keep graphics g rated if you can, and pg-13 at most. Please do not post pictures of kids under the age of thirteen anywhere on this board, whether it’s for a character’s development, Instagram, or whatever – it is not allowed!

POSTING: All that we ask is that you please be respectful when replying to other people’s posts, despite there being no word count (although we do encourage around the 350 range). Try to match what your partner is giving you, because it’s the respectful and fair thing to at least try to do. That goes both ways for not posting enough and for possibly posting too much – make sure you communicate and hash out a word count that you are both comfortable with beforehand.

REGISTERING: To register, please register with your character’s first m. last name in all capital letters. No posting is allowed until you’ve been accepted, unless you’re reserving a face or posting in a want ad. If you do not post an app after registering in one week, your account will be deleted.

RESERVES: Reserves last for two days and the reserve may be renewed a total of two times before we will deny your request and before the face is open to be taken or reserved by someone else.

SHIPPERS: We’re pushing this rule in here real quick to let you all know that before you can post your own shipper, you must post in two other shippers that are not your own character’s. These two shippers must, obviously, belong to two separate characters. Once you’ve posted in those two shippers, you may post your own!

TIMELINE: The timeline on SYT is a bit different than most. Two weeks in real life equates to one month on Show Your Teeth, and therefore, a month in real life would equal two months on the site. There’s a thread for you to track dates in real life and how they correlate to the months on the site, and of course, there’s the month, season and year posted just below the banner on the site. THREE STRIKES SYSTEM: On SYT, we are implementing a three strikes system. If you’ve ever watched baseball, then you know exactly how this works. You are allowed three strikes for bad behavior – which could be anything that breaks any one of these rules above. On the second strike, you get a warning from one of the admins, and then on the third, appropriate action will be taken on the staff member’s behalf.

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