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june 15th, 2014: ..also, surprise! we have a new skin!!
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the skin was made by cat for show your teeth, along with the graphics, the code for the board description, and the table you are seeing here. thank you subdevo for the peekaboo sidebar, and thank you black for the custom forum structure coeds. the lyrics you see on the category titles are from the song 'spread your love' by the black rebel motorcycle club, and the site title is a slight variation of lyrics from the song 'teeth' by lady gaga. the color palette was found off of colourlovers, and the backgrounds you see used in the mini profile and in the background of the skin are from subtlepatterns. if i've forgotten to credit you, please let me know! x

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 Posted: Feb 16 2014, 01:24 AM
life ruiner tbh
drifting apart like two sheets of ice my love frozen hearts growing colder with time there's no heat from our mouths please take me back to my refuse and we are in flames i needed i need you to run through my veins like disease disease and now we are strange strangers
old years old
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Show Your Teeth is a real life roleplay set in Chicago, Illinois. The timeline (if you haven’t read the rules thoroughly yet) equates to two weeks in real life equals one month on the site, and so on and so forth. Below, we have some information about cool little things about the different boards and areas here in Chicago (that pertains to this forum, anyways).


Downtown Chicago is the bustling heart of the city. The specific name for the neighborhoods within downtown is the Chicago Loop, the New East Side, Printer’s Row, South Loop, Historic Michigan, and the Boulevard District. Below you can read more about each neighborhood in downtown.

THE LOOP is the central business district of Chicago. The Loop is home to Chicago’s commercial core and City Hall. The community area is bounded on the west and north by the Chicago River, on the east by Lake Michigan, and on the south by Roosevelt Road, although the commercial core has expanded into adjacent community areas. The Loop is home to Grant Park, the State Street shopping district, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Other major cultural institutions that call this area home include the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Goodman Theater, the Joffrey Ballet, the central public Harold Washington Library, and the Chicago Cultural Center.

NEAR WEST SIDE (WEST LOOP) is adjacent to The Loop and is the home of the University of Illinois at Chicago and several major hospitals. Within the West Loop, you will find Little Italy and Greek town, which are both restaurant and nightlife corridors within the city that are both themes with their respective names. A former manufacturing and warehousing area, many of the buildings have been converted to loft condominiums, restaurants, night clubs, art galleries. It is also the former home of Harpo Studios, owned by well-known talk show host Oprah Winfrey, and the production site of her syndicated television show.

RIVER NORTH DISTRICT is in the north north side of Chicago and hosts the largest number of art galleries in the United States, outside of Manhattan. Along with hundreds of art galleries, the area holds many bars, dance clubs, popular restaurants and entertainment venues. The River North District is, by far, the neighborhood within Chicago where the people with the largest salaries live, more often than not.

PRINTER’S ROW, also known as Printing House Row, is a neighborhood located in the southern portion of the Loop community area of Chicago. It is centered on Dearborn Street from Congress Parkway on the north to Polk Street on the south, and includes buildings along Plymouth Court on the east and Federal Street to the west. Most of the buildings in this area were built between 1886 and 1915 for house printing, publishing, and related businesses. Today, the buildings have mainly been converted into residential lofts. Part of Printer’s Row is an official landmark district, called the Printing House Row District. The annual Printers Row Lit Fest is held in early June along Dearborn Street.

SOUTH LOOP includes former rail yards that have been redeveloped as new town-in-town such as Dearborn Park and Central Station. Dearborn Station at the south end of Printer’s Row, is the oldest train station still standing in Chicago; it has been converted to retail and office space. Most of the area south of Congress Parkway between Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, excepting Chinatown, is referred to as the South Loop. Former warehouses and factory lofts have been converted to residential buildings, while new townhouses and high-rises have been developed on vacant or underused land. The South Loop was historically home to vice districts, including the brothels, bars, burlesque theaters, and arcades. Inexpensive residential hotels on Van Buren and State Street mate it one of the city’s Skid Rows until the 1970’s.

HISTORIC MICHIGAN BOULEVARD DISTRICT is a historic district in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois encompassing Michigan Avenue between 11th or Roosevelt Road, depending on the source, and Randolph Streets and named after nearby Great Lake. The district includes numerous significant buildings on Michigan Avenue facing Grant Park. In addition, this section of Michigan Avenue includes the point recognized as the end of the U.S. Route 66. This district is one of the world’s most well-known one-sided streets rivalling Fifth Avenue in New York City and Edinburgh’s Princes Street.
you can click here for a map! xo

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